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Thursday, 17 February 2011 12:27

A solid mahogany box I made to store a client's 240 year old family christening gown.

With a fielded panel lid and celtic cross carved in the center.

Mike's latest blog

Restoration of a Shapland and Petter Coal Cabinet

(Click on the link above to view post)

This Barnstaple based company manufactured some of the finest pieces of furniture in the Arts and Crafts style.


Client very happy with this clock case I made for his works.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the complete clock when he fits it.

Lovely miniature dominoes box replicating a tea caddie in form.

Veneered in satinwood with ebony stringing and bun feet. Excellent craftsmanship.

  This is one I had to keep!

Finished restoring the case of a pretty little singing bird box and made a key for it

Click here to watch a video of the Singing Bird

Jewellery box in satinwood veneer and ebony stringing

I previously made for my daughter, came in for hinge repair

Lovely  Cylinder Desk Circa 1820

The cylinder roll is veneered in fine quality mahogany and ebony strung. Having a good quality fitted interior with satinwood veneered arches to pigeon holes, adjustable writing lids and pen and ink trays to either side.

Recently Restored Elegant Regency Washstand

Solid Rosewood Chair in the style of Thomas Hope.
  Rescued from a barn and was in need of some TLC

This lovely late 17th century oak planked coffer came in to the workshop for restoration this week.

I removed of a couple of water marks on the top of the coffer without disturbing the original patination 

and replaced the candle box lid, hasp and key to the lock which are quite often missing.

I fitted a couple of small patches to the lid using period oak which after touching in are hardly visible.

All polished surfaces were then waxed.

The coffer is a superb colour, retaining its original patination.

I recently acquired this lovely sewing box in Coromandel wood, inlaid with Mother Of Pearl stringing and escutcheon with a working key.

The box has the original lining and fittings and a lift out tray.

I fitted a new Mother of Pearl Escutcheon from an abalone shell and patched minor damage to the top back edge and fitted a key. The box was then cleaned and waxed.

Overall it is in a wonderful original condition.

Delivered these Inlaid Dutch Marquetry Cabinets back to their owner today.

Lovely Captains Chair in for restoration this month

A restored Anglo Indian Dressing Table

This early Victorian Cheval Mirror came in to the workshop for restoration.

As with many pieces from the early Victorian period this was made from super quality mahogany.

Recently restored the case to this lovely Figured Mahogany

Early Victorian Long Case Clock

A Jewellery Box I made using a Lacewood veneer (also known as London Plane)

Click here to see how I made a similar box - Making a Jewellery Box

An Edwardian Teak Partners Desk

It has 18 drawers with mahogany linings.

I restored and re-polished the desk and refinished the leather top.

A restored Louis XlV style Bureau De Dame

The frame of this Pier Glass was damaged at the top of the left hand column and five balls to the cavetto moulding were missing.

The glass was removed and cleaned and the inside edge of the frame blacked to stop reflection from the rough edge of the glass.

The glass was replaced and old pine backboards fitted as the originals were missing.

New balls fitted, frame coloured up and waxed.

Just finished this Georgian Mahogany Pad foot table, it has lovely colour tones to the top -

My latest blog

Restoring A Picture Frame

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This was a piece brought in by a client which was of great sentimental value to his wife.

As you can see it needed a fair bit of work doing to it, some parts had to be replaced using old timber, being beyond restoration.

New signage for the workshop

Just finished this late 17th century Oak Coffer, it has a lovely honey colour and patination.

Oak Coffer

Mike's latest blog

Restoring A Brass And Ebony Inlaid Writing Slope

Click on the link to view post http://antiquemike.wordpress.com/

A Restored Military Chest of Drawers (Campaign Chest) C1840-1860

These Chests were usually owned by high ranking officers to go on campaigns. They were made in two halves for ease of transport. The top half lifts off and the feet unscrew from the bottom and are stored inside. They were made in various timbers, this particular chest is made in mahogany with satin wood veneered interior drawers.

The corners are protected by brass cappings and the handles were made so that they stayed flat, leaving nothing protruding and making them easier to carry. They were usually carried by pack mules.

My client requested that the chest retain as much of its original patination as possible, hence the mixed colour tones. The turned screw in feet were missing in action, but my client was happy for the chest to sit on the floor rather than be replaced.

Just restored this pretty Kneehole Desk stamped J & S Shoolbred & Co.

James Shoolbred & Co. was one of the first great department stores in London. Located on Tottenham Court Road, a thriving centre for fashionable furniture shops from the 1860s. They began producing furniture in around 1870.

Mike's Blog goes live!

We now have a blog page where you can follow my latest restoration projects -

Click on the link to see my first blog on restoring an antique picture frame http://antiquemike.wordpress.com/.

Mike's work featured on the BBC's Antique Roadshow

This lovely late 19th Century Inlaid Chest of Drawers was featured on BBC’s Antique Road Show at Hartland Abbey and was brought into my workshop for restoration. The chest was inlaid with Ebony, Ivory, Abalone Mother of Pearl, and Horn.  There were over 200 pieces of inlay missing and each individual piece had to be fitted by hand.

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